FreshStock Celebrates: Inclusive Communities

July 8, 2020

In nearly every aspect of our lives, cultural influences shape the way we interact with the world around us and create community. From food to fashion, our heritage plays a significant role in how we interpret, digest, and share experiences with one another. Creators are given the opportunity to share their unique perspectives through the content they create, making diversity an integral part of any campaign.  When all audience members see themselves represented, everyone feels included in the conversation.

For the month of July, FreshStock is celebrating Inclusive Communities and their potential to foster creativity and connection. Through highlighting our diverse and inclusive stock vectors, facilitating conversations in our Facebook community, and partnering with The Mosaic Project, we hope to encourage engagement and understanding of how to make everyone feel welcome and celebrated.

To kick the month off, we’re sharing three of our favorite ways to use FreshStock assets to celebrate diverse voices:

1. Social Media Campaigns

If you’re looking for ways to improve your organization’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, social media is an opportune place to start. Social channels reinforce our connectedness and commonalities, as we use different platforms to share messages with people around the world. 

Through social media, your organization has the ability to express its support of different causes, groups, and initiatives by posting powerful images, hashtags and text. With access to FreshStock, creating these images has never been easier. Our expansive asset library is full of vectors and templates representative of all races, genders, body types, and more, making it possible for you to diversify your social content.

FreshStock Celebrates: Inclusive Communities


2. Posters

Outside of digital communication, posters are a great way to share messages in physical locations. From announcing initiatives to promoting diversity in the workplace, posters can be an eye-catching call-to-action for those who see them. 

FreshStock Celebrates: Inclusive Communities


To ensure that your poster is sending the clearest message, be intentional about the images and copy that is featured. For posters promoting diversity and inclusion, make use of graphics, illustrations, and photography that is reflective of the groups you intend to represent and/or reach.

3. Learning Guides and Resources

Providing resources for your audience to become more educated and aware of different perspectives will help cement you as a leader in this space. Simple guides that share information on recognizing and celebrating differences, effective interactions, history, and more can be a starting point for conversations about diversity and inclusion.

To help convey this information, use plenty of graphics and illustrations. These images can make your messaging easier to digest, as people visualize the material. 

To see the execution of some of these ideas and more, be sure to connect with our July partner, The Mosaic Project. 

The Mosaic Project teaches people, from elementary school students to adults in the workplace, the skills they need to build the peaceful communities they envision. Through immersive, experiential-education programs, the organization addresses issues of diversity, empathy, and conflict resolution with children, young adults, educators, and companies seeking to build a more inclusive environment. 

This month, The Mosaic Project is joining forces with FreshStock to further their mission of building a peaceful future. For updates on our joint giveaways, resources, and more, keep an eye on FreshStock and The Mosaic Project’s social media channels!