FreshSpace Celebrates: Children with Disabilities

August 10, 2020

People with disabilities make up our nation’s largest minority group. This community is also one of the most diverse and inclusive, with people of all ages, genders, religions, ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic levels represented. 

Specifically, children that belong to this community face a unique set of challenges. Physical and developmental limitations present obstacles as children and their caretakers navigate school, sports, friendships, community and family life. As creators, it is important that we do our part in making this community feel supported.

For the month of August, FreshStock is celebrating children with disabilities and their unlimited potential to lead fulfilling, capable lives. Through highlighting our diverse and inclusive stock vectors, facilitating conversations in our Facebook community, and partnering with the National Inclusion Project, we hope to promote understanding and inclusion of children of all ability levels.

To kick the month off, we’re proud to spotlight the work being done by our partner, the National Inclusion Project.


Founded in 2003, the National Inclusion Project (NIP) is the product of a friendship between Clay Aiken, Diane Bubel, and Bubel’s 13-year-old son Michael. At the time, Clay was pursuing a degree in special education from UNC-Charlotte. As part of his studies, Clay met Michael, Diane’s son with autism, and quickly developed a unique bond.

FreshSpace Celebrates: Children with Disabilities

That bond extended to Diane and as their friendship progressed, it became apparent that they shared a vision. After witnessing children with disabilities being turned away or excluded from activities and programs open to children without disabilities, Clay and Diane cemented their mission. The National Inclusion Project works to ensure community and recreational programs include ALL children — and in return EVERYONE benefits from that inclusion.

Today, NIP partners with some of the country’s largest youth organizations and most prestigious educational institutions. They operate on three core beliefs: EVERY child can participate, EVERY child can make a friend, and EVERY child can be successful. With those beliefs in mind, NIP works with community organizations and recreational programs, providing them with the training, tools, and support they need to ensure that children with disabilities can be included in ALL of their activities and programs.

FreshStock is excited to join NIP in their pursuit of a world where the inclusion of children with disabilities is the EXPECTATION, not the exception. Our stock library features a collection of vectors and templates that help creators design content that represents and advocates for the disability community.

FreshSpace Celebrates: Children with Disabilities

To stay up to date on our initiatives and plans for this month, be sure to join our Facebook Community and keep an eye on our social media. To learn more about the National Inclusion Project, visit their website and Facebook page.