How to edit FreshStock vector assets

December 4, 2020

Welcome to FreshStock! In this article, we talk about our stock vectors and how to edit them for your personal use. Have your FreshStock subscription and favorite vector editing software handy. It's time to make these designs your own.

1. Download the right file type

First, go wild with the search bar and have fun browsing. Select the stock image you'd like to download. Once you click on Download Asset, you will be asked to choose your preferred file types. The choices are as follows:

JPGs and PNGs are not editable vectors. They are "flat" images with no hidden information: what you see is what you get. They have a few differences in compression and quality; for example, PNG files can have transparent backgrounds while JPGs cannot. Being raster, not vector files, they are pixel images, meaning they are limited in file size. If you're happy with the asset as is and don't need to do dramatic resizing, download a JPG or PNG.

EPS files are editable vectors. Vectors are not made up of pixels, so they're infinitely resizable. Plus, any colors, shapes, and fonts within the file are individually editable. You also have control over the size and quality of your final file. If you want to resize or modify the artwork in any way, this is what you want!


You're going to be editing the EPS file, but we recommended downloading all assets for more design power. 😉

2. Open the EPS file with your preferred vector editing software.


If you chose to download all assets, you now have the EPS, JPG, and PNG files.

Open the EPS file with your preferred vector editing software. Adobe Illustrator is a popular and powerful premium tool; but you can also use InkScape (for free), CorelDRAW, Affinity Designer, Sketch, and more.

3. Personalize to your heart's content!

Layer guide

In general, FreshStock vector files have 2 layers:

  • Artwork
  • Background


This makes it easier to isolate and edit the most important parts of the artwork. However, since this is a vector file, art can be dissected and edited down to their barest elements. Turn all their shirts neon green! Give them all long yellow hair! It's all possible.

Editable vs. Outlined text

If the vector artwork contains editable text, the eps file will feature a third layer called “Editable Text." However, if the text in the artwork is outlined, meaning fixed and uneditable, it will be found within the “Artwork” Layer.

Why would text be outlined?

Highly typographical text is usually outlined when it's a major part of the entire artwork. If you download an asset with headlines like "Happy Hannukah!" or "Happy Valentines' Day!" it's likely that the text isn't editable. However, if you're after the general theme or surrounding elements, you can simply delete the main text and replace it with your own custom callout.

Are fonts included?

No, but we only use free fonts easily available online. Your software will inform you what font has been used (check the Character option box).


Changing colors

Select the vector element you want to modify. With the element selected, use your color picker to choose a new color.

If the vector element is part of a group, double click the element to enter isolation mode. Or, you may choose to ungroup the elements instead. This will allow you to alter the color of one element without altering the rest of the shapes within the group.


Utter freedom!

You can move, resize, rearrange, recolor, and even add other vector assets from the FreshStock library. There are endless possibilities.


4. Export your finished artwork.

The exact method of export depends on the software you're using. But you've got to keep your eye on these few things that don't change:

  • Your desired finished file size.
  • Your desired finished file type. JPGs are simple, flat pixel images, perfect for both print and web; PNGs are web-ready and can have transparent backgrounds; PDFs are print- and email-friendly... and more. Choose your fighter!
    • DPI or dots per inch for print files: usually 150-300 DPI is great for print.
    • Your finished files color profile (RGB for web; CMYK for print).

Thanks for using FreshStock!

Not a designer? Pass the editable files to your in-house graphic wizard; they'll know what to do. Audiovisual learner? Here's a short video demo instead.