Online Shopping Blues: Our Cyber Monday Collection

November 28, 2020

Cyber Monday, or Blue Monday, was created in the early days of e-commerce. In the US, it's held on the first Monday after Thanksgiving; a great time to do some pre-Christmas shopping. In other countries, though, the dates may vary.

The offline world has been sadly out of kilter ever since the coronavirus spread. It's been a year of lockdowns and stifling quarantine restrictions. For many of us, online purchases have breached the boundary of fun, becoming a daily necessity. So we put together a Cyber Monday collection to celebrate the joys and conveniences of online shopping.

Have you been conducting your business online? Make some noise with a Cyber Monday promo! We've got just the templates for you:


VCUq2LjSF28U7179YYNrxuhC5JqnS56TzwlzPcyXA5ZpDbKmTaq7Udfnfo8Ml8jjPdURRW2b61EOWB1iAnd by the way, a resounding round of applause, please, for those who deserve it: the couriers who bring stuff to our doorsteps, the formerly-offline sellers who have had to adapt to new platforms, the non-techy seniors who have learned how to order things online in quarantine... it's been a doozy, but all things considered, we've risen to the challenge. Happy cybershopping!

Check out all the Cyber Monday graphics in our ever-growing library.

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